2017 Review (MissionAll Influence)


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Christians are increasingly becoming aware of their calling to influence society and that part of the role of the church is to equip its members to achieve this. That is the purpose of our conference in March. A team of people who are actively engaged in influencing society will bring theological reflection as well as practical wisdom which we expect will result in increased kingdom transformation.

At the conference, we will introduce sphere groups focusing on specific areas within society, e.g. politics, education, arts, family and more, which will meet roughly three times a year and stay in other forms of online contact for mutual support and prayer at other times.

Our Keynote Speaker was Andy Flannaganandyflan

Andy Flannagan lives in Luton and is a London-based, Irish singer-songwriter who was previously a hospital doctor but whose proudest moment as an Irishman was captaining England’s Barmy Army during the Ashes in Australia. His campaigning songwriting dragged him into the political arena, so he can often be found annoying MPs around Parliament. 

As well as one of the directors of Christians in Politics, Andy is also the Director of Christians on the Left which exists to be a prophetic voice to left-sided politics and the Church. A key driving passion of Andy’s is to see a just rewiring of the global economic system.