Health Sphere

John Greenall – Health Sphere Leader

john-gHealthcare is in the headlines. Cynicism. Discontent. Strikes. Pressure. And yet what greater privilege than working with people when at their most vulnerable and needy? How do we maintain our spiritual vitality in the current climate? What does healing look like in Luton today? How do we respond to despairing colleagues? How can we influence the city through our vocation? Let’s discuss, pray and seek God for all this and more.

John Greenall is a (very part-time) Paediatrician at the L+D and married to Heidi (a palliative care nurse) with 3 children. As Head of Student Ministries at the Christian Medical Fellowship, John works with nursing and medical student leaders across the UK and internationally. He writes and speaks on issues at the forefront of healthcare including abortion, sexuality and gender, sharing faith with patients and transhumanism (and yes these guys are serious about living forever!). His passion is to see people integrate faith, life and healthcare, with Jesus impacting every area of life. Oh – and cake.

MissionAll Health Sphere Event – ‘Transgender Agenda’ – John Greenall




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