Politics Sphere

Maggie Simons – Politics Sphere Leader


“Politics” – probably one of the most contentious spheres in public life.  As a Christian, Maggie Simons has been happy to be involved in politics, in lobbying and then as a local councillor, a candidate in the 2014 European elections, being on the Westminster parliamentary candidates list and a member of the Conservative Christian Fellowship.  

Christians in different political parties often have similar goals, but pursue different routes to achieve them.  We need to learn to “disagree well” to be effective as Christians together, in our own church or political party and across the churches and political parties.    For Maggie involvement in politics is part of bringing in the kingdom.  Elected politicians have direct influence over our lives and communities; there are no “no go” areas for Christian influence.


“MissionAll” was a great opportunity to explore the area of politics together. Christians who have an interest or a passion for government and politics have a significant role to play in praying together, especially at times of national or local crises, getting involved in a political party, being willing to stand for election, sharing experience and good practice with younger people, and where possible, modelling a relational approach.


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